The ethos of Astrapia


Most voices that inspire us are unheard. They are hidden deep within and drive us to move towards perfection silently. Though these voices seem to be chaotic on the surface, they have a harmony that is infectious, an energy that is perpetual. Astrapia is driven by one such force, it’s people.

There are two kinds of people who drive Astrapia; one, the people who relentlessly strive for excellence as a workforce to reckon with and the other, the people who give us the opportunity to be the best in business.

Our Team

Our team comprises of qualified engineers and skilled labour force. Local talent is recruited and trained to deliver the finest services in manufacturing and servicing. From machine operators and draftsmen to mechanics and executives – all of us work as one team with an agile outlook to churn out the best UPVC windows and doors.

True Local workforce.

Truly Global Product.

Rooted to India and skilled to stay with you forever, Astrapia is one of the leading manufacturers of UPVC windows in Bangalore.

Fully customised windows.

Unmatched flexibility. Unmatched service.

Since our team is extremely flexible and coherent, it enables us to successfully manufacture windows of all sizes with ease. Since our talent is locally sourced and groomed, we are always going to be with you forever. Our people help us to render consistent services to you so that you really feel home with our windows and doors.


15,000 Square feet of sprawling factory area located amidst a pool of local talent, Astrapia UPVC windows and doors has pan-india capabilities.

Toys that allow us to play at work

A diagonal cutting machine with a twin blade mechanism that helps us achieve what we call the backbone of the window, the corner joints.

View the finishing

The sealing machine which seals the cut joints with precise heat and stable orientation. This offers permanent strength to the corner joints. .

View the finishing

The CNC cutting machine allows us to get any size out of our frames.The accuracy of this machinery is coupled with our skilled operators.

Other tools like pillar drilling machines, grooving machines and fastening machines helps us in manufacturing our products.

A list of our esteemed clients.

People who enabled us to soar higher.

And many others who had tremendous faith in us.

Some of the projects that we have worked on.