One name. Innumerable possibilities.

Astrapia UPVC windows and doors.

Our products are literally invincible.Know how..

Think of a city and all you get is noise. The serenity and the old-world charm have been lost to the cacophony of traffic and the world that is moving faster than ever before. Silence is nothing short of luxury these days. If you think silence is golden, Astrapia is here to give you the much needed respite inside the noisy cityscapes. Astrapia UPVC windows and doors are soundproof and are quick to induce a beautiful aura of silence around you.

High Noise Reduction

Suits houses near industries and busy roads.

Suits factories, studios and mallspaces

The most common thing that the intruders do to windows and doors to sneak-in is to burn them and cut them using piping hot elements. Astrapia’s UPVC windows are hard to break into and harder to set on fire.

Withstands hight temperature

Easy to install

Easy to replace existing wooden/aluminium windows.

Water and moisture in the air can really spoil the wooden windows to a large extent. They make them creak, expand and shrink. Astrapia UPVC windows and doors are totally weather resistant and completely waterproof. Say goodbye to days when you tried to clean the wooden window which attracted dust, our windows and doors do not attract dust at all… To top it all, Astrapia UPVC windows do not attract termites or any other parasites that eat up your doors and windows. Get set to redefine your living spaces.

Highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Can endure any weather.

Corossion free. Termite free. Does not rust, does not catch dust

Fully washable. No repainting or varnishing required.

With all the technology and precision behind the making of Astrapia UPVC windows and doors, our products are 3 times harder to break in compared to wooden windows and doors and 2 times harder to break in compared to premium aluminum frames. This added advantage not only protects the inmates from intruders but also makes it hard for pests to hack into your valuable space.

Highly secure and trustworthy

Useful for spaces where valuables are stored

Also suits places where food articles, medicines and other consumables are stored


The backbone of invincibility.

The engineering behind our windows and doors are nothing short of pure magic.

We call windows and doors the lungspaces of one's home.

Astrapia UPVC takes pride in designing your breath.

We have a soft corner
for precise corners.

The strength of every frame is in it’s corner where two or more pieces come together to make a window. The quality of a window or a door ought to be judged not by the glass or the material used but, by the frames. Frames make or break a fixture’s capabilities. A badly assembled frame can give in with ease. Astrapia’s UPVC windows and doors are made with immense precision so that our corners do not give in. Processes are put in place to ensure the smoothest and the strongest corners are churned out consistently for each of our fixtures.


A gaze through our window.

A brief of how our windows create magic for you.